Potato in Hot Sauce is a simple and easy to make dish where the sauce not only takes the potato to new level of deliciousness but also makes it the potatoes to die for. This appetizer requires less than 7 ingredients to prepare.

My family loves hot sauce specially Sriracha and I always love to try out new recipes with this. I have already used this sauce with tofu, cauliflower, chicken and many other dishes. You can check out some of my favorite recipes here : Honey sriracha tofu, Spicy sriracha chicken wings, Honey sriracha cauliflower.

Since I was looking for a spicy, healthier and meatless super bowl appetizer and with fact that potato is everyone’s favorite I decided why not use this sauce with potatoes and bake the potatoes instead of frying them. The taste and texture of this dish was so amazing that I decided to build on this recipe which I will be sharing soon.

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Preparation time : 40 minutes
Serves : 3 to 4

Ingredients for Potato in Hot sauce

Potatoes – 8 oz or 220 g
Butter  – 3 tbsp
Hot sauce – 3 1/2 tbsp (Sriracha Sauce / Frank’s RedHot)
Honey – 1 1/2 tbsp
Garlic salt – 1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves / Cilantro  – 5 strands
Spring onions chopped – 2

Steps to prepare Potato in Hot sauce

Step I

  • I have used crinkle cut fries available in the frozen section of super markets and baked it as per package instructions for this recipe. You can either use any frozen fries or prepare your own at home.
  • If you are preparing it at home from scratch you will need 3 medium size potatoes. Cut them into desired shapes, coat them with oil, sprinkle salt and your favorite seasoning and bake them at 475 degree for 25 minutes or till they becomes crispy tossing them half way through.

Step II

  • In a non-stick pan on a medium high heat, melt the butter, and then add hot sauce, honey, and garlic salt. Remove the pan from heat and stir.

Step III

  • Toss the baked potatoes in hot sauce along with cilantro and spring onions.
  • Potato in Hot Sauce is ready. Serve and enjoy. You can build on this recipe by using it in slider buns and making your super bowl night more interesting. Sharing the recipe for the same soon.

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